How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters Naturally

Are you plagued by odd-shaped objects in your vision?

If you answered yes, then the odds are that you are suffering from Eye Floaters- deposits of various shapes and sizes that float within the eyes.

Former sufferer, Daniel Brown, knows just how stressful and annoying these spots can be. Desperate for a solution, he resorted to laser surgery, only to end up with an eye infection that almost caused blindness!

This was the trigger for Daniel to seek an alternative remedy, avoiding the need for costly, complex and risky surgery. Following years of trialling various treatments and research, he discovered a natural way to cure, or at the very least greatly reduce, eye floaters.

This discovery came as a result of researching medical journals, understanding the anatomy of the eye and how eye floaters develop. He has created his own step-by-step treatment system called Eye Floaters No More- now readily available for all.

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Monday, 21 January 2013


Photopsia is the term used for the condition when people appear to see flashes of light. Frequently, these flashes appear alongside a migraine, and in fact, migraine sufferers use the flashes as a signal of an upcoming migraine. Those people over the age of 65 are the most likely to be affected, and the most common cause of these eye flashes is the shrinkage of the vitreous humour within the eye.

The vitreous humour is the transparent substance in the centre of the eyes, mostly made up of water, and is responsible for the shape and form of the eye. Photopsia generally is caused by the shrinking of the vitreous humour, which applies tension to the attachment points, which agitates the retina causing the emission of electrical impulses that are interpreted as flashes of light by the brain. 

Vitreous humour shrinkage is not the only cause of photopsia. For example, severe impact to the head can easily cause the retina to pull away from the eyeball, and when this happens momentary flashes of light may be seen.

As mentioned, photopsia can be the signal for the onset of a migraine. Migraines may be caused when the blood vessels in the brain quiver, or if the retina becomes detached from connecting nerves. The flashing lights, which may look like sparks, zig zags or lines of light, may last for a brief period or be longer lasting throughout the course of the migraine.

This perception of flashes of light should be treated seriously, and prompt investigation by a medical professional is advisable. Generally speaking, the experience of eye flashes is no reason for concern, but in very rare instances, photopsia can lead to certain levels of loss of vision.

During the normal ageing process, the vitreous humour will shrink, becomes thinner, and will begin to pull away from the retina. In fact, approximately two thirds of the over 65s will be affected by some degree of vitreous humour shrinkage, leading to many experiencing flashing lights. It should be noted that a major increase in the number of photopsia occurrences may possibly indicate a torn retina.

Clearly, it is essential to recognize and understand photopsia signs.

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